Casino in Las VegasThere is no doubt that Las Vegas is a hot spot for senior citizens — enter any casino during the day and you will see that the majority of people playing are in their golden years.

In fact, Nevada, in general, seems to be a popular retirement destination for many Americans. Some senior communities like are just 25 minutes away from the Las Vegas strip, making it easy for the elderly to enjoy everything that Las Vegas has to offer.

But why do senior citizens seem to love being in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Loves Seniors Too

Senior citizens love Las Vegas because Las Vegas seems to love them too. The weather is always warm and balmy, perfect for those who dislike the cold and the changing seasons.

Practically all establishments are accessible by wheelchair, and many companies offer special discounts to seniors. There are even free shuttle services just for the elderly so that they can go around Las Vegas without breaking a sweat. On most days, they can even get free lunches and free plays at the casinos.

About 33% of casino goers in Las Vegas are over the age of 50, with 25% over the age of 65. This means that over 58% of Las Vegas’ demographics consist of older adults, with most of them playing during the daytime when business is a bit more lax. Vegas provides endless opportunities to have fun and relax.

Loss and Coping

There is a bleaker side as to why seniors seem to flock to Las Vegas. Many are lonely or grieving — beyond a certain age, many people start losing friends, family, and spouses to sickness and old age. The friendliness of Las Vegas establishments gives them some respite from the loneliness and gives them something to do to pass the time.

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Casinos and other establishments also provide an opportunity to socialize and meet new people, maybe over roulette wheel or a card game or two. Many find comfort in others and in the distractions provided in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

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