Air AmbulanceWhen you’re going on your daily routine, you may sometimes forget how important time is. Things come to your mind when accidents happen, as they sometimes will. Then you find yourself counting minutes, seconds even, hoping the air ambulance you’ve been transported would be fast enough to give you another shot at life.

Not a Luxury Thing

Anyone would be proud to put on display blinding speed on the street. When a sports car hits a 100-km/hour speed, it’s sure going to pump up your adrenaline – if you’re in the driver seat.

But an ambulance wailing on the street, burning rubber as fast as it can get is no luxury on display. It’s dear life hanging in the balance – that could end abruptly if delayed. This is where an air ambulance comes in handy

Several studies reveal that patients may increase their chances of surviving when transported to a hospital via an air ambulance as compared to a ground ambulance. The findings claimed that the participants rushed via ground ambulance resulted in 585 deaths as opposed to only 43 deaths when delivered by air to the emergency room.

Risking It All

And yet, it’s more than just the technology of flying that’s in play here. The fast air vehicle may be the more convenient means of transport, especially for hard-to-reach remote areas, but this is only because it’s well-equipped with the right crew.

Researchers at the study pointed out that air transport trumps ground ambulance specifically because of the presence of advanced monitoring equipment along with the necessary medication. Even better, these flights were usually accompanied by medical experts, a paramedic and a nurse, attending to the patient in-flight.

It’s a top priority to save lives. Talking to federal investigators, an expert divulged air ambulance crews take extremely high risks to get a patient’s life to a hospital, USA News reported. Anyone should count themselves lucky, as time is still on their side when doing the daily routine. 

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